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March 5, 2013
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Zelda life size papercraft 1 by minidelirium Zelda life size papercraft 1 by minidelirium
I finally got pictures of my life size Zelda! she is 170cm tall (5'6''), the upper body is built in 160/g-paper, the skirt in 200/g-paper. she took 226h to build and I gave her away for free to a woman I didn't know before this build.

if you have any questions, just ask! I'm so proud over her! :woohoo:

the template can be downloaded from the talented template master PaperJuke
here are the links for download!

photo by MissDeliana [link] - the woman who is now the proud owner of this piece of papercraft! :squee:
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Wow this is amazing!! I was wondering if you printed all of that at home or did you go to a print place and do it.... Can't imagine how many ink cartridges that took..
minidelirium 1 day ago  Hobbyist
thanks! :)
I printed it at home and I have no idea of how much ink was spent since I buy XL-cartridges and it didn't run dry for the aprox. 200 pages it took. :)
also, she is not a very dark model, so not a lot of ink was needed. not as with Link.
Oh wow! That's awesome. I've wanted to make life size models, but the ink was always an issue with me. I should look into those cartridges :D 
m4sterdoom Feb 18, 2014  New member
just wow..
minidelirium, hello! i adore the zelda papercraft that you did!!! I just printed all the pages and I am about to cut them. Is there anyway to know where the pieces go together? Because I'm losing hope as I sit here and look at all these pages!
I tried to put them in a pile so that the pile followed the pages if you see what I mean? that way, if you need to know where a part should go or what part to use, you just look at the pepakura file and then search through the pile (without disturbing the order) for the part you need, or for a part from the same page that has a more significant shape or so, that way you might find the right piece more easily)

even though I did this, I accidentally got the order wrong for a few parts and had to sit and compare the part in my hand to EVERY part that looked remotely like it in the file... exhausting stuff, but since almost all of the parts looks a bit specific I at least got them all where they should go after sorting through the pile a fair few times. but if you try to keep the order it'll be easier!

(oh and be sure not to drop the pile! I did that twice CURSE YOU!  and it was a pain in the ass to sort it again)
Thanks so much, I did exactly as you told me. Started with foot then went up to the thigh. Then things started to get difficult from here, lol. Then I thought, why would I need the legs if she's wearing a dress, lol.
haha yeah, I did the exact samt thing! :XD:
I made her legs and then they wouldn't support her weight anyway so I put them aside. I started from the tip of her hair inward, until I had the head and neck done, then I made her arms, starting from the fingertips, and glued them to her shoulders before I went on to build her body and dress.
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